Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My incredible phone

I just got a new cellphone.
It's really cool, but it has a crappy name. It's called the "htc incredible."
I don't like telling people about it, because then I sound like a douche. (it's pretty tough for a girl to sound like a douche, btw. that's totally a guy thing. I wonder why? Maybe I'll start the "Girls are douches too" movement. because some of them are.)
If someone asks what kind of phone you have, do you really want to say, "I have an incredible phone."?
It's more like, what kind of phone is that? (mumble) it's an incredible phone.

I had to get a new phone because my last one just didn't "get" me.
I would send texts, and that predictive thing, spellcheck would kick in.
sometimes, it would really impress me. I could type "wirj" and it knew I meant "work."
I could type "sprkk" and it knew I meant "spell."

I had an iphone, it was pretty cool. but it didn't "get" me. It had pretty good spell, if I messed up and typed "wirj" and then changed it to "work" it new I wanted to type "work" from then on.

But, whenever I meant to type "for" I would type f-i-r, and I'd always have to change it. After like the 2nd time, I was just like "I am not a lumberjack! I am never going to type a text about a fir! Freaking change it to for!"

So, I got a new phone.

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