Thursday, February 24, 2011

Difference between younger and older guys

I've noticed an interesting difference between younger and older guys when they have sex.
young guys spend kind of a lot of time getting undressed. More specifically, they spend a lot of time having you undress them. It's like they see their junk as a gift you're unwrapping...make you wait a little bit to get to it just to make the "wow" factor that much bigger.
old dudes though, they just strip down and jump into bed. They don't waste ANY time. They know it's a gamble that the girl can lose interest at any time, so once they get the "ok" they're all business.

so to get to that, we don't have time to give you the full tour , we want to get downtown before you decide to close the store on us

it's not "show time" it's "go time"

old junk is ugly, they don't want us to look.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Revenge on husband: leave him for a woman. He wants to be pissed but it's soooo hot.