Monday, February 1, 2010

Sober driver/shake a baby

There's a new campaign out, aimed at us drinkers. You've probably seen the older one: Designate a Driver. Well, they've updated it. Now, it's "Designate a Sober Driver."
Were the people who actually took the time to designate a driver NOT taking that extra step to make sure the driver they chose was sober?
That logic is kind of crazy, you know, where they have to specify that the driver be sober.
But I'm starting to see it in other places, too.
Like at my son's preschool, there's a sticker that says: "Never shake a baby. Ever."

Do you think the first sticker said "Don't shake your baby."

So someone gave their baby to someone else to shake. and the sticker company was like "Dammit! Now we have to re-make the sticker!"

So they came up with "Don't shake A baby."

Was someone like, "'Don't shake a baby"...Oh, it's probably ok to do it once or twice."

So now they're at "Never shake a baby. Ever."

But you know what? it won't be long before some asshole comes along, reads the sticker and says "I'm gonna' shake TWO babies."

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