Saturday, February 13, 2010

Popped Cherry/funny boss

My best friend and I like to have a game night every board games, keep it old's a lot of fun.
Well last week I had to bring my son with me, he's 4, so we had to think of a game that he could play too. My friend suggested a game, she said "Oh, I know a good game...what's it called? It's like for counting, kids really like it...'Who Popped My Cherry?"
I was like, "WHAT?!? Do you mean "Hi Ho Cheerio"?
Where do you buy your board games, Meghan?
Does that come in a bundle with Poop Chutes & Ladders and Connect 4-Play?

My son isn't coming over anymore.

But my friend, she's silly like that, she kind of mixes up phrases and stuff.
And, my boss is actually the same way, it's kind of weird.

Like, once she said "Let's not beat down the bushes."
I THINK that means "don't beat around the bush," but I can never be sure with her.

And I swear, the other day, she told me "We don't want to let the worms out of the can."
uhhh...ok. I'll make sure not to do that...even though I don't know what means.

Well, I decided to introduce my boss and my friend - you know, "popped my cherry" friend (oh, that came out wrong)...well, I took my friend to our company picnic, introduced them...I was like "Go, have a....language summit."

And they've actually hit it off. They're hanging out and stuff now. They're just like two peas in a bunch.

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