Monday, March 28, 2011

Context Clues

There's a guy I work with and he always hears things wrong.
I don't know if he's hard of hearing, just doesn't pay attention, or what, but it happens pretty often.
So I'm trying to teach him to use context clues - to use the other words in the sentence, and his own knowledge, to figure out what someone is really saying.
Like, when my best friend is talking about her son and I think I hear her say "Owen" I know I heard it wrong and she's actually saying "Cohen" because that's her son's name. I use context clues to figure it out.
But this guy...he doesn't even try!
Like, the other day our friend said "I've worked here for 10 years."
Deaf guy thought she said "I cry green tears."
I was like "duuuuude....context clues! the context in this case being, that green tears don't exist. she said ANYTHING BUT that."

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